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SCOPE's Core Learning Path consists of eight Core Modules that focus on obesity management, ranging from understanding how to raise the issue of obesity in a patient attending for an intercurrent medical issue, to the details on how best to lose weight. After completing the eight-module course, the health professional should have a clear understanding on the causes of obesity, the regulation and vigorous defence of body weight, the complications of obesity, how to raise the issue of obesity, how to take a history and conduct an examination, how to achieve weight loss, how to keep the weight off and how to address obesity in children and adolescents.  Learners who pass the course will earn 4 CME credits, 4 CPD credits and 4 SCOPE points. The Core Learning Path is evidence-based and provides the essential information on obesity management. As such, we require users to complete the Core Learning Path to qualify for SCOPE Certification. For more information, read our Certification Guide. Click on the Content tab above to find out more about the eight modules included in the course. Each modules contains an audio transcript and list of references.   How to purchase To purchase access for the standard cost of £70, simply click 'add to cart' on the left. You will be prompted to log in or register.  We offer discounted access to the following groups: Users with active or expired annual subscriptions Users in low-and-middle income countries World Obesity members Click here to learn more about our discounts and find out if you are eligible. Please note that no refunds for the discount value can be issued after purchase has been made.   How to access Once you have purchased or been granted access to the Core Learning Path, you should do the following. Visit your user dashboard. The first module, ‘Obesity and the Regulation of Body Weight’, will appear in your ‘Enrolled Courses’:  Click ‘Start’ to begin the module. On completing it, you will be enrolled in the next module, ‘Causes of Obesity’ To complete the Core Learning Path, you will need to complete all 8 modules in order. You will also be asked to complete a short feedback survey at the end Users who successfully complete the Core Learning Path will be eligible for SCOPE Certification, subject to gaining 8 additional SCOPE Points by completing our supplementary modules or attending SCOPE Accredited events Please note: on purchasing the Core Learning Path, you will only be given access to the first module, 'Obesity and the Regulation of Body Weight'. You will be able to access each subsequent module after passing the previous module. Read More

Purchase this item to become eligible to renew your SCOPE Certification if it has expired. To renew your certification, you must have completed the Core Learning Path. Currently, only users who were given complimentary access to the Core Learning Path need to purchase this item. You do not need to purchase this item if you have purchased access to the Core Learning Path over the past 12 months. Please email when you have completed the necessary steps for renewal. Terms and conditions: This item is non-refundable. If you have purchased both this item and the Core Learning Path, your purchase of this item can count as your renewal payment for next year.  Read More

If you would like to pay for SCOPE National Fellowship online you may do so by adding this to your cart and paying through our secure PayPal system. Please make sure that you send us your SCOPE Fellowship application to before paying and let us know you have chosen to pay through the SCOPE Store. For more details on SCOPE Fellowship, please visit this page.   Read More

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